Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am currently avoiding studying for my mid-term, so I thought maybe I should write something. Especially since tomorrow evening CET is taking us to Xi'an (西安), home of these guys:

Terracotta Army

Also, tonight my roommate, Liang Ke (良科) made a soup with 3 things I had never eaten/heard of before. It was sweet and very good. It was made with:

Longan -


Snow fungus

These pictures are not mine, so they don't connect to my Flickr. The snow fungus was my favorite part. It has a great texture. The jujube was very similar to a date, and reminded me that Ramadan is coming soon! The longan was also good. All in all, I liked learning about the food just as much as eating it! I wonder if the ingredients are readily available in the US? Ok, now I really gotta study. Wish me luck! Check back soon for Xi'an pics!

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Joy said...

Tonight I met your friend Emily. I had dinner with her and Kim.

I miss you so much and good luck, mon ami! XOXO! I can't wait to see you! This town ain't the same. :)